Framing the Future – Tomorrow @ 9:30

Framing the Future – Tomorrow @ 9:30

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Miscellaneous

Not long to go now until our Passion For The Nation Online conference – Framing the Future. Sign up here for your free tickets

We will explore Against the current tumultuous background, God is calling His people to rise up and look to the future, and to recognise that wherever all this began, He is using the uncertainty and chaos, to open a way for a re-set to take place across many sectors of our society.  From the economy to the Education system, from small business to large corporations a dismantling has taken place. Now is the time to recognise the relevance and significance of this Kingdom Era and the call on us, His People. We want you go out from this conference with a deeper understanding of what is God’s Perspective, armed with the tools to help you play your part.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow

Suzanne Ferrett


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