Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Education, Transformation

Following the Government announcing its plans for a ‘free speech champion’ to regulate England’s campuses, we are repeating a declaration from May 2018:

 “show proper respect for all men (treat them honourably) …” 1 Pet 2:17

“in everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech…” Titus 2:7

In the Name of Jesus, in this day of the impossible becoming possible, we decree and declare in this nation Your Word, Your truth and Your wisdom will be heard in every place of higher education, changing atmospheres, mindsets, hearts and lifestyles.

Even as Paul debated with those of different faith and values, we declare in this nation, from our schools to our universities, freedom of speech, the freedom to debate, the freedom to choose, and the freedom to agree or to disagree will be valued and protected, limited and balanced by respect for others.  Acts 15:2; 17:18; 18:28

We declare those God given freedoms will be strengthened, supported and implemented by the laws of the land, and we speak strength and wisdom to those fighting for those freedoms at this time.  We decree this is a time for a turning of every ungodly precedent set.

We declare deans, chancellors and vice chancellors, professors and heads of department, lecturers and personnel staff will align with Your purpose for this generation, releasing debate and refusing the suppression of debate, in the Name of Jesus.

We declare You are raising a generation who know their true identity in You, who carry Your heart, Your life and Kingdom values.

Suzanne Ferrett.


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