Generosity, Business and Entrepreneurs.

Generosity, Business and Entrepreneurs.

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Transformation

As we move further into 2023 God is continuing to shift mindsets and priorities across His people to prepare us for the times ahead. One of the values of the Kingdom which God is highlighting, is that He desires His people to prosper.  Prosperity is a word which has a wide context: according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, it refers to both becoming strong and flourishing or succeeding in an enterprise or activity, as well as the focus today of economic success. 

‘Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go’ Joshua 1:7 

Revival is beginning, a revival which God desires will be nationwide (as well as global.) He is looking to see His people arise to become the answer to the difficulties in the world around us. For the Church to become the solution in the days ahead, it needs a people prepared by His work in our lives and who are functioning in their right place. It also requires finance.  This is not a time for God’s purposes to be limited through financial lack.  There have aways been those in our churches who carry the ability to make money; the Word of God is very clear that these are the people who He entrusts with great authority if they walk in righteousness and obedience to His Spirit. Very often they have to overcome great personal temptation or testing by the Spirit of God.  (Matthew 25:14-23)

In these days God is calling many into the business arena on various levels. For some it will be about personal provision; for some it will be about funding the more traditional work of the church; for others it will be about meeting the needs which are opening up across society.



Lord, we ask your forgiveness where so often these men and women have gone unnoticed, and the depth of walk with You many have had, has been unrecognised. Some have had to face the temptations that revolve around money – unsupported by prayer;  others have failed although their call to business was genuine. At the beginning of this year, we ask you would heal their hearts that restoration can come. 

We confess and repent where failure, withholding, wrong priorities and a poor understanding of God’s truth, have brought Your people into financial and spiritual lack. We repent of past greed and  the idolatry of wealth.  We thank You Lord, that mercy triumphs over judgment, and in the Name of Jesus, we pray Your people will have a fresh revelation of the power of Your forgiveness and provision, releasing creative ideas, Godly wisdom and practical solutions.  (March 2020)



“If you have the grace-gift of encouragement, then use it often to encourage others. If you have the grace-gift of giving to meet the needs of others, may you prosper in your generosity without any fanfare.’ Romans 12:8 TPT 

 We agree as a new season for businessmen and entrepreneurs opens, accumulation for personal gain will be replaced by Kingdom attitudes and Kingdom goals. We decree and declare they will give and not take, share and not withhold, release and not hoard, directed and led by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  In the Name of Jesus, we speak Your blessing to all those You have called to work to the marketplace at this time, that strategies, opportunities and finances will flow freely and righteously to them and through them. We speak a new spirit of generosity over the land, overwhelming and breaking every spirit of poverty of the past season, changing atmospheres and releasing Your goodness upon the land.

Lord, even as You are anointing many for the marketplace at this time, we thank You for every shift, change and breakthrough in line with Your Spirit which has been released. We decree and declare Your people will continue to press into You for the fullness of Your purpose and plans, and we speak strength and vision to them in Jesus Name – that they will stand in their true identity, move in the uniqueness of their God given call, while releasing life to the world around them and establishing Your principles upon the earth. 

We decree as voids open up across society – voids of hope, voids of well-being, voids of jobs and of finances – God’s people will be ready, healed in heart and activated by His Spirit, to be the agents of transformation He has prepared them to be. We speak positioning and release to them in the Name of Jesus.

Now Lord, even as good governance has marked out our nation in past seasons, we agree righteous and wise governance will be upon our Government, local and national at this time, and we speak that Godly governance into the NHS and all state institutions, into industries, businesses, charities and churches, that across the nation we will budget rightly, increasing and releasing funds appropriately, that infrastructure will be funded, manufacturing flourish, and those with true needs be identified and provided for.

Suzzanne Ferrett

Passion for the Nation


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