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“I have this day appointed you to the oversight of the nations and of the kingdoms to root out and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:3

Even as a pulling down of old structures and alignments is taking place, we stand as Your Ekklesia in this land and we decree in this nation a fresh building anointing will come upon Your people in every sphere of society. We speak Your anointing upon churches, that new wineskins will emerge, equipping and releasing Your people and we decree as the effects of shifts in Government through Brexit take shape, every void will be filled by Your counsel, Your governance and Your blueprints.

We decree this nation will be at the centre of Your purpose and destiny, that we will be a display of Your glory to bless the nations.

Now we stand as Your Ekklesia, and we decree every position of influence within Government and opposition parties will be filled with those who see and speak according to Your plans and purposes, and we declare the voice of Your wisdom will be heard at this time, clearly sounding above and beyond man’s wisdom and every strategy of the enemy.

We speak in the Name of Jesus, over every appointment taking place within the Labour Party at this time, even that of general secretary, “You hold the key of David, what You open no one can shut, and what You shut no one can open.” and we decree and declare that even as “You position all Authorities and Leaders”, the person You have chosen for the next season will be appointed. Romans 13

We continue to speak Your strength, wisdom and authority to Theresa May, and we declare over all planned legislation and policy, over the membership of the Customs Union, Treaties and Agreements, over the Northern Ireland Border, jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, over all related policies and legislation – Your Voice will be heard above all other voices, favoured and followed. We decree shift and change in Jesus Name.


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