When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice…” Proverbs 29: 2

In this strategic time for our Parliament, we decree and declare this government will demonstrate the Kingdom values of honour, righteousness & integrity, and we declare they will be united behind God given vision.

Even “as a house divided against itself cannot stand,” we decree and declare Parliament will not be divided but united for Kingdom purpose and we decree and declare Kingdom values will overcome every strategy of the enemy to sow division into our nation, even within families, relationships and friendships. Matthew 12:25

Lord we thank You for all that you are doing in our day, and we come into agreement with Your word, that all authorities are put in place by You. We lift Theresa May to You now; we thank You for her willingness to serve the nation at this time and we ask You that You will surround her with favour as with a shield. Romans 13:1; Psalm 5:12

We continue to speak Your strength, wisdom and authority to Theresa May as she gives her speech today, and we declare over all planned legislation and policy, over the membership of the Customs Union, Treaties and Agreements, over the Northern Ireland Border, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, over all related policies and legislation – Your Voice will be heard above all other voices, favoured and followed. We decree shift and change in Jesus Name.

NB We are travelling in South Africa for a couple of weeks, so we will be repeating some declarations. Please do look on the website or Facebook, for more. Blessings Suzanne


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