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According to Your word in Proverbs 14:34

We declare righteousness exalts a nation, so we speak righteousness into every aspect of Government, national and local.  We declare God desires our nation will not only succeed but carry His Glory, so in the Name of Jesus, across the spectrum of political opinion in this nation, we declare “He is the true Judge, Lawgiver and King.” Isaiah 33:22

Even as a fresh wind of God’s Spirit is blowing across Parliament, we decree every shift and change taking place across political parties at this time will increase Kingdom values, release respect for those of all nationalities, and align with Kingdom purposes, that the UK Parliament will carry Godly design in the days ahead.

We decree the democratic process in this land, will be honoured and respected, as the foundational principles built upon His word are strengthened and activated by the prayers of His people. We declare in these days, those processes will be rightly and fairly administered and implemented, untainted by any form of manipulation, scandal or interference.

We speak to the very fabric, foundation, DNA and godly mandate of the United Kingdom, and we call you forth in the Name of Jesus. We  stand as the Ecclesia in this nation, and we decree and declare, the United Kingdom will rise up and lead the nations once more, releasing not a vision tainted by man’s desire for power, but the heart of the Kingdom, in purity and in love. (First posted 29th January 2019)


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