“give unto the Lord the glory due to His Name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. The voice of the Lord is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; the Lord is over many waters”” Psalm 29:3

Lord, we declare You are releasing a new momentum of prayer in this nation, prayer that will pioneer, prayer that will breakthrough, prayer that stands in the gap between Heaven and earth. We thank You for every fresh revelation You are releasing and for the diversity of ways in which individuals pray. We decree a fresh desire to hear Your heartbeat and perceive Your Spirit leading, guiding and instructing, will come upon Your people. We call forth those who will travail, those who will wait and those who will watch, and we decree, in this nation Your Ecclesia will arise, ruling and reigning in the spiritual realm through prayer and declaration.

We declare all those who pray, from individuals to movements, will be united in heart, vision and purpose under the headship of Jesus, releasing a new level of unity upon the earth.

Lord, we thank You for the desire of men in past seasons, that the nations of Europe would walk in unity, peace and prosperity and in this day of shift and change, we declare Your desire all these nations shall have a future and a hope.

Now, we come into agreement with Your word in Proverbs 4:7 “wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom”. As Theresa May travels to Europe this week, we declare Your mantle of wisdom, authority and stature will be upon her, that she will be wise in decision making, discerning Your will and Your purpose in all potential amendments and adjustments to the EU Withdrawal Bill.  In Jesus Name we decree over every negotiation and every negotiator, Your desire that the people of Europe are blessed will overwhelm every spirit of resentment, revenge or fear,  that these negotiations will be marked out by the Kingdom values of forgiveness and reconciliation paving the way for right, just and fair outcomes.

We continue to acknowledge that Your thoughts are not our thoughts or Your ways our ways, and we submit to Your Spirit.

We stand as the Ecclesia in this nation and we decree the outworking of every discussion and negotiation will cause this nation, to be led, governed, influenced, positioned, connected and aligned for God’s  Kingdom purpose in the days ahead.



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