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And he changes the times and the seasons, He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.’ Daniel 2:21

We declare over the British Isles mercy triumphs over judgment, and we thank God for the depth and breadth of His purposes for this nation, for the promises of great revival in the land and for the angels which have been released to help us. We declare the power of His love, His gospel, and His purposes will be released in us and through us until this nation is fully His.

His  Spirit is moving in our land, He is shining His light into dark places and we thank Him that what is being revealed is not an expansion of evil but a revealing of evil. Lord, even as You have called this nation to display Your righteousness, we ask that the hidden work of the enemy will be exposed, and cleansing come. We  stand as the Ecclesia, and we repent where we have moved according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit; where we have not led the way in word or action, giving access to the enemy.

Now Lord, we declare this nation will be led at all times by the person God has both chosen and appointed. We declare according to God’s word,  He is the true king-maker and there is no other. We decree over Boris Johnson, a silencing of any voice of man or of the enemy to either extend or shorten his time in office. Lord, we specifically ask that in this time of enormous pressure, the sound of Your voice will be amplified within him, rising above the sound of the many voices, and that he will walk in increasing humility before You.

We decree and declare, Boris Johnson’s time of office will be for the time that God  alone decides.

The PFTN Team


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