“after consulting with the people, Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the lord and to praise Him for His holiness as they went out at the head of the army” 2 Chronicles 20:21

We declare the sound of the worship of Jesus will resound across this land, rising above every noise, confusion and failure, that as God’s people worship, Godly transformation will come to our land.

As the change of Prime Minister has been announced, we decree and declare the person God has positioned for the next season will come from the background to the foreground, that this nation will be led by the person appointed by Him for the task. We speak that God appointment over every cabinet post for the days ahead.

We ask forgiveness where personal gain, ambition, issues of morality, honesty, integrity or a political spirit, have found place within our Parliament. We cry out that across both Houses, person by person, the words of God’s Spirit will be heard and established in the depth of their innermost being that a deep work of cleansing will be done at this time.

(take time to ask God specifically for anything he might lay upon Your heart.)

 In the Name of Jesus, we declare righteousness and truth are being birthed in the hearts of all those who have influence at this time and we declare that which was impossible is now possible by the power of God’s Spirit.  God is shifting Government, national and local within this land, for His Kingdom to come in increasing measure, reigning above every political, social and economic worldview, personal agenda and generational allegiance. 

We decree every Godly inheritance within all forms of government and God given authority will be aligned, recovered and connected to the future of this nation, moving it forward with God’s plans, purposes and timings. 

At this strategic time, even as ‘righteousness exalts a nation’, we speak to the very fabric, foundation, DNA and godly mandate of the United Kingdom, and we call it forth in the name of Jesus. 

Suzanne Ferrett

NB – More  declarations on Government can be found on our website, or in our book, ‘Establishing a Kingdom Government.’, also available from our website. 


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