Modelling Unity and Monarchy 2

Modelling Unity and Monarchy 2

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Church, Monarchy

As I have watched the news over the last few days, the focus has been on Harry & Meghan, the Royal family, potential strikes and a host of other things. It is very easy to allow the enemy to set the prayer agenda, and he will distract us. Now is the time to make the main thing, the main thing – by which I mean, what is God doing? If we get behind what He is doing – there is the capacity for breakthrough.

Reading some of the write ups about the Harry and Meghan episodes, it certainly sems a large factor from their point of view has been the issue of racial prejudice. With quite significant statements not just about the Royal family but British society too.

As some one who quite genuinely is not interested in the colour of another person’s skin, my natural reaction is to ignore the whole thing with the attitude – exaggeration. However, having spoken to many of those of different nationalities who now call the United Kingdom their home, I have had to understand that many have suffered inexcusable abuse of many kinds.

We are all aware – discrimination and prejudice are not limited to one people group but occurs across society in many different ways.

God desires that His church models something different. As His people, we need to model a unity which goes beyond distant agreement between churches which are principally made of one ethnicity or even pone social group – comfortable as that as is. Revelation 1: 15, speaks of the voice of Jesus, ‘as the roar of many rushing waters.’ TPT notes in their comment says, ‘this word ‘waters’ is the voice of many sons coming into his likeness’

To have the authority to speak into our societies issues, we must first be willing to overcome them amongst ourselves. 


Modelling Unity and Monarchy 2 

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit within them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. Then they will follow my decrees and be careful to keep My laws. They will be My people, and I will be their God’ Ezekiel 11:19

We decree and declare, in this season of shaking, the values, truths and heart attitudes which come from the Kingdom of God will rise above every other value, sound and emotion – that in this nation, all people will experience respect and honour irrespective of history, ethnicity or colour.

We speak over the separation between the indigenous British church and the spiritual sons and daughters from other nations within the UK. We declare God’s heart of love and unity will be actively chosen, that His people will be ‘at one’, and every personal and cultural divide overcome.  We decree all giftings and callings will be honoured, welcomed and utilised, and the Kingdom purposes of Revival, Reformation and Transformation fulfilled.

We decree and declare the church will carry and model God’s message of reconciliation and unity into our nation with power and sensitivity, that all communities divided through religion, culture, social status and political opinion will be healed, in Jesus Name. We decree destructive past experiences will be replaced by new positive ones, that respect will replace hatred and love replace fear.

We thank You  Lord for those who have proclaimed the gospel in this nation in past seasons, and we remember those that have gone forth from these shores to proclaim the message of Your salvation  across the globe, regardless of the consequences. We declare the Bride of Christ in this nation will arise, pure in heart, focused and active, fully aligned  with Heaven’s purposes for this day.

 Monarchy 2 :  

We thank You Lord for placing the Monarchy as a pillar in this nation and we declare every monarch will recognise that their position and authority comes from the throne of heaven, and their call is to reign under the Lordship and authority of the King of Kings. 

We pray protection and strength for King Charles to stand firm in the vows made at his accession to the throne, that he will rise to fulfil the purposes of God in his life. We call into place every advisor and courtier on whom God’s favour rests, to give Godly counsel and wisdom to the King in this season.

We pray that where the Royal family have been attacked and accused, they will respond with wisdom, dignity and grace. We declare every attack of the enemy to sow offence against the Royal Family  will fail, and the wisdom of God  prevail in every circumstance, truth  arise and every lie be exposed, in Jesus Name. 

We decree and declare the blueprints of heaven will shape our monarchy for the days ahead, and we call every shift and change under discussion into alignment with these blueprints – Amen. 

Suzanne Ferrett


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