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September 2018

Hi everyone, we recognise this is a very pivotal time for our nation, but it’s also been a time when many people have had to walk through all types of circumstances, so we want to bless you, to speak strength, health and wisdom to you, as well as to thank you again for all your prayers for our land.

We ourselves had a family bereavement which affected our planning and schedule, so we apologise for the lack of connection over the last couple of months.

For every one of us – it’s a time to be focused on what God has called us to do, both in prayer and action, but we also to be open to those times when God wants us to connect with others because of His wider purposes, or to give ourselves the opportunity to be informed and refreshed, so please do prayerfully consider joining us at one of the events below.

  • September 29th Coventry   “Call the Nation to Prayer: As One”. This is a strategic event for the nation,  so please look at the website:
  • September 29th Witney (evening)
  • October 15thThe Nation’s Future  – A Kingdom Opportunity “  A day seminar at the Elim Church, Princes Risborough. Please ring 01844 275822 for more information.
  • NovemberThe Nation’s Future – A Kingdom Opportunity” Wembley, North London date tbc

The Nation’s Future  – A Kingdom Opportunity.

For those who missed our seminar the first time around we have organised several other opportunities to come, hear and be envisioned.  As you can see, we  will be in several different locations over the next couple of months, or if you would like us to come to your area, we will come to any size group, please do email us on

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