Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Government, Justice

of the increase of His Government and Peace (prosperity, safety, wellbeing) there will be no end.”  Isaiah 9:7

We come into agreement with God’s word and we declare He created the Heavens and the earth, according to the plans written before the beginning of time, so in the Name of Jesus, over the United Kingdom and over the British Isles, we speak to these lands, to the fabric, foundation, gift, call, DNA and Godly mandate of the nations, separately and corporately, and we call them forth in the Name of Jesus. We specifically decree that which He has built in the past season will not be divided or altered accept according to Heavens instruction.

In the Name of Jesus, we acknowledge “Your ways are higher than our ways and Your thoughts than our thoughts” . We declare this is a new season for Northern Ireland and we declare the wisdom of God will rule over every current issue affecting Stormont. We declare God is raising His leaders in this day, so over the leadership of the DUP and all associated roles, we declare those He has appointed will be positioned, and life changing Godly wisdom and leadership increased, that divisions will be healed, and peace, justice and righteousness established.

We thank You Lord for those MP’s You have raised up within Stormont, and we speak Your revelatory wisdom and strength to them, that in this season God given solutions to resolve the ongoing trading difficulties between the EU and the UK over the Irish border will be revealed.

Now in the Name of Jesus, we declare the desire for unity and solutions will overwhelm historical, political and religious divides,  that Northern Ireland will discover God given identity, rising above past difficulties, free to take her place within the United Kingdom.

As the marching season approaches, we declare God’s people will pray and seek Your face, that deep wounds in the spiritual realm will be healed, enabling and releasing Kingdom solutions in the natural realm. We call forth peace and reconciliation to be released on the streets and historical sectarian divisions give way to a fresh move of God’s Spirit.

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