Referendum Week – 2

Referendum Week – 2

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Referendum

Lord we speak strength to all those who are praying at this time, that Your people will continue to seek Your Face.

We thank You for the Godly inheritance and for Your favour which have shaped the identity of our nation even into the current day.

Lord, we declare Your Kingdom identity for the next season will be established, and in the Name of Jesus, we call forth awakening amongst Your people. We declare right alignment through the EU referendum and we lift off weariness, confusion, and offence. We decree and declare, people will vote with maturity of perspective and clarity of thought in accord with Your perfect plan.

We declare in the Name of Jesus, in this referendum and beyond, the boundaries, borders and sovereignty of our nation; judicial, legislative, physical, spiritual, political and economic, will be marked out according to our Kingdom destiny and purpose. That which You would disconnect will be disconnected and that which You would connect will be connected.


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