Referendum Week

Referendum Week

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Referendum

Genesis 2:3

“In you all the peoples of the earth shall be blessed”

Lord we lift up the family of Jo Cox to you and we speak comfort and healing into their hearts and lives in the Name of Jesus.

At the start of this significant week, we declare this is a nation marked out in heaven for Your purposes, so we confess and repent actions, words and attitudes expressed during the referendum campaign and earlier, which in any way have contributed to division and even hatred to be manifest.

Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation…

We thank you that You desire to bless all the peoples of Europe, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, background or political affiliation. We declare over every nation, this is the time to experience the fullness of God’s purpose, plans, and blessing.

We release strength, and health to every person involved in the Referendum campaign, to civil servants and politicians at home and abroad, that the sound of truth and wisdom will be heard.

If you haven’t yet accessed “A Spiritual Magna Carta“, it is available on our website.


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