‘To Him who divided the Red Sea asunder; His love endures forever’ Psalm 136

Lord we thank You for every miracle You have worked in our nation in past seasons, for the turnarounds, the Revivals and the personal miracles of provision & healing which have transformed lives, families and communities. In the Name of Jesus, we speak to this nation and we declare ‘His love endures forever.’

At this strategic time within Parliament, we declare a spirit of humility will come upon the political leaders within this land, softening and melting every long held opinion and ideology that stands against the purposes of God. We decree and declare a new desire for solutions will be released, uniting men and women across all parties that Kingdom purpose will overwhelm and overcome every personal, political and ideological difference, and every strategy of the enemy to bring division.
We speak strength, protection and vision to all those He has called at this time and we declare the voice of His wisdom will be heard above every other voice. Proverbs 8:3

Now, over every discussion, negotiation and vote, we declare the purposes of God for this nation will stand strong and secure, as every scheme of man and the enemy is blown away by the breath of His mouth. (First Posted 14/03/2019)

We pray for Boris Johnson at this time, and we declare he will listen, speak and act according to the words and strategies of the Spirit of God, uniting the nation and restoring hope.


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