12 Months of Prayer for the UK

12 Months of Prayer for the UK

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Nations

For all of those who joined with us for the ’12 Days of Prayer for the Nation’ in the run up to the general election, we will be continuing throughout this year with a declaration on the 12th day of every month.  There will also be a midnight Prayer Watch on the 11th of each month, leading into the 12th . I am sorry that I did not get this information to you sooner.

Please join with us all to declare today.


Declaration 12th January 2020

Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Glory, and we declare over this nation and over this land, ‘Your Kingdom come, Your will be done as it is in heaven.’ 

‘and I bestow upon you a Kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon me’  Luke 22:29

On the 12th Day of the first month of this year 2020, we declare God is reforming our nation, that from every government structure to the lives of individuals, justice and righteousness will be released. We agree that this is the time for the fullness of God’s government to be established in this nation; that this is the divinely appointed time for the God given sovereignty and order of governmental authority for this nation to be established.

We decree that every new foundation laid will shape and form the British Isles according to God’s design and will be completed according to His order and timing. We declare this is the time for the new opportunities of God in and for our nation to be born in fullness, and that all shifts and changes taking place through current negotiations and policy reviews will facilitate this.

We decree every Godly inheritance within all forms of government and God given authority will be aligned, recovered, restored and connected to the future of this nation, moving it forward with God’s plans, purposes and timings. We decree this over our Parliament, our Cabinet, our civil service, our devolved governments in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, our Queen and the Royal Family: and the Ecclesia throughout the British Isles.

We say that every individual called and anointed for and within all forms of government of the British Isles will be positioned to fulfil that God given call. We decree the power of Kingdom purpose will overwhelm any plan of the enemy to damage, disrupt, delay or destroy in Jesus Name. We agree God’s protection, His shield and glory over every individual.

We declare a new governmental authority has been released upon God’s people as the Ecclesia, that doors are opened and favour released. We decree that as the people of God, walking in agreement in heart, vision and purpose under the Lordship of Jesus, they will be ‘as one’ ( John 17) and empowered to steward every new thing that God is bringing forth.

So, we say God let your Kingdom come! Let your government and your ways come on earth in our nation as it is in Heaven and be glorified!

Let us Push Together and See our Nation Shift into the Fullness of Her destiny!

Adele Richards – National Day of Prayer, Suzanne Ferrett-Passion for the Nation, Rachel Hickson and Helen Azer-Heartcry for Change, David Vincent -London Day of Prayer, James Aladiran-Prayer Storm, Louise Reid -Mountain View, S Tranter-CCR/EPW, Liz Wright-Liz Wright Ministries, Sarah-Jane Biggart-Glasgow Prophetic Centre/The Purple Company.

Suzanne Ferrett.


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