Royal Family

Royal Family

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Miscellaneous

Lord, we thank You for the life of our Queen Elizabeth II, and we celebrate her heart for You and for her people, the wisdom, righteousness and integrity reflected in her life, and for the respect she carries within this land.

Lord, You desire that the Monarchy in this nation will display Your Righteousness, Your Wisdom and Your Majesty. In the Name of Jesus, we decree every Godly inheritance within it will be recovered, restored, strengthened and connected to the future of this nation. We decree every change taking place in the present time, will strengthen and support the monarchy, promoting and releasing a shift and a moving forward in keeping with Your times and purposes.

In this season of transition, we speak divine order into every aspect of the Royal Family and we release Your light into every place of confusion and misunderstanding, that wounds will be healed, relationships restored and solutions released.

We speak life into every God given purpose and call upon Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, that every gift and skill will be used in alignment with God given destiny. We agree the power of Kingdom purpose will overwhelm any plan of the enemy to damage, disrupt, delay or destroy, in Jesus Name.

We praise You for the model the Queen has given, standing above political noise and personal pain, we declare she will have God given wisdom at this time. We continue to bless her to stand in health, strength and righteousness until such a time as those to follow may do so with the fear of God upon them.

Suzanne Ferrett.


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