Treasures of the Snow – A Call to Pray

Treasures of the Snow – A Call to Pray

by | Sep 26, 2019

Encounters with the Snow

A few weeks ago, while worshipping with a friend, I was slightly surprised when I heard the Holy Spirit very clearly speak the phrase ‘Treasures of the Snow’, and with it came the touch of the Spirit and the word ‘purify’.

For me, this was an unusual thing for God to say and obviously had a personal application, yet it was also totally unexpected, as we look at the battle for our land, although I had been seeking God over some particular issues in my life relating to me heart.

In fact, my immediate thought went to the book by Patricia St John, and I was slightly surprised to read that the Biblical verse in Job 38: 22 speaks of the Treasury or Storehouse of the snow, rather than the treasure. Yet as I have meditated on this over the last few weeks, I believe God was speaking of both, that it is a time when He will pour out from that Storehouse, cleansing, purifying, healing encounters with the Holy Spirit. (Psalm 51:7 says, ‘wash me and I will be whiter than snow’), but as we welcome those encounters, as we allow the Holy Spirit to move us into a place of true repentance and not just a mental assent, so God will bring forth true treasure in our lives – the fruit of repentance.

I love this concept of snow, certainly for many of us, snow is something which comes for a time and then goes – it is not a place where we live permanently. I believe God is looking for deep, life changing encounters with us which bring a lifestyle of humility and dependence on God, yet without the heaviness of religion which brings condemnation and failure.

Many will tell you that Revival always starts with the repentance of the church, it is well documented, and this is the time for revival in our land. Godly laws whilst good for people, and we must continue to pray and work for Godly laws, will never make the hearts of people righteous, and this is a time when God is looking at the hearts of people.

At the beginning of 2016 God said to me that as in Hebrews 10:1 “The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming- not the realities themselves.”. The context being the difference between the old and new covenants, the law of the Old Testament only produced an outward obedience, under the New Covenant God is looking for the transformation and obedience of our hearts. Similarly, Godly Laws, while good for people, produce an outward obedience and not hearts that are turned to God. But for this to happen, you and I need to change and change deeply.

Void of Government

When I started PFTN in March 2016, God spoke to me of the ‘Void of Government’ which would occur, yet God said this would be the time for the Ecclesia to arise and I believe that Ekklesia is beginning to do that. The Ekklesia is now a word many understand but for those who are still unsure, the Ekklesia – the word Jesus used for His church in Matthew 16:18 amongst others, described the democratic assemblies that governed in some of the Greek cities, deciding how their particular city would function.

God’s Ecclesia are those who understand that principle, some will function more through influence and transformation, yet also those who will rise-up at this time, hearing from Heaven and ruling in the heavenly realm through declaration and decree.

We are in a nations season, and for our nation the need is clear. God gave His people the mandate to rule or disciple nations, (in justice, righteousness, mercy and truth – not to be confused with man’s attempts) yet the authority to do that requires a level of obedience we perhaps are not used to walking in.

In general, if we are to ‘decree the decree of the Lord’ as in Psalm 2; we must firstly be those whose personal filter systems are pure, and so God is asking us to deal with the things that effect our ability to hear clearly – from sin issues of the heart, just as jealousy, competition, sleepiness or apathy, to the distractions that we so quickly give way to. If we are to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit, we need to be those who recognise His voice above all others – how much do we miss because we miss the promptings of the Holy Spirit when He wants to speak with us.

God gives us all authority, Matthew 28:28, but we can give that authority away by our actions or attitudes and one of the most obvious places where we are seeing that I believe is in the area of the government of our nation.

A Hole in the Spiritual Ozone Layer?

I believe this is a time for the Ekklesia to come into place, but the Bible clearly instructs all believers to pray for those in authority. 1 Timothy 2:2

Yet across our land, many churches will not touch these areas in prayer and there is no encouragement for their congregations to do so. Many are being obedient to God in their calls and bringing in the Kingdom through the preaching of the gospel or involvement in their communities, but this area is left ‘void.’ Since the spiritual realm rules the natural, is there a void in natural government because we have left one in the spiritual?

The reason is because of the highly charged emotions and opinions that are evoked when we even speak about these things, and that is partly because we have not taught people that in politics as in other arenas, opinion is fine, prejudice is not. Jesus said, ‘beware of the yeast of the Herodians’. The Herodians were the political people of their day, and if we do not deal with it in our churches, we give away the authority we should carry in this sphere.

Of course, we are allowed our own opinions, but we must bow to the King of Kings. There is a way to pray which is above all political opinion and behind which we can all unite. The Kingdom of God carries principles and the Word of God promises, which we can pray secure in the fact that we are praying above the political realm. If the church united to do this, would we close the void in the heavenlies, as we are seeking to do with the ozone layer in the natural one.

And if we were not personally offended by people’s opinions but held a Kingdom perspective, and open hearts, would we be more able to be the voice of hope, reason and peace in our families and communities?

I believe that God is moving across our nation, that we will see things shift in the coming days, but what are the lessons which we need to learn now for the future?


The voice of the church needs to be heard, at the very least in the place of prayer in this time of political turmoil. Parliament represents the whole population not just a few, yet have we looked to the few to pray?


’Listen to Me, you who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is my law: Do not fear the reproach of men, Nor be afraid of their insults’ Isaiah 51:7

So, what is the treasure God is speaking of that will be the outcome of the release of His storehouse of the cleansing snow?

God is looking for a church which is pure, holy and on fire for Him. Where the fear of the Lord rises above every other fear causing a radical obedience to His Spirit – to love, to speak, to act and to pray.

If you have not already seen the video about Gods call which brought Passion for the Nation to birth, we have re posted it on YouTube and you can watch it using the link below.