Economy 1

Economy 1

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Economy

Economy  1

We declare God is preparing the way for His Kingdom to come in great measure in our land, and we thank Him for the power of forgiveness, that His “mercy triumphs over judgment.”  We thank Him for the principles in His word concerning wealth and finance.

We  come into agreement with Proverbs 22:7 and we declare You  do not desire Your people should live in debt. Lord, we confess and repent where failure, withholding, wrong priorities and a poor understanding of Your truth, have brought Your people into financial and spiritual lack. In the Name of Jesus, we repent of past greed, the idolatry of wealth and where our dependence and culture of debt, has become lifestyle and choice. We bless those struggling with balancing incomes and expenditures, and we declare those in genuine need, will be identified and provided for.

We declare in this day, Your people will be free to move according to Your Spirit and plan, as debts, limitations and captivity are broken. 

We thank You for the wealth so many have enjoyed, – but now, we stand as Your Ecclesia in this nation, and as we thank You for the times as a nation we have acted generously, giving  to nations that people be protected and provided for, we also confess those times when our resources have been badly stewarded and when as a nation we have withheld or robbed from other lands.

We decree and declare Your people in this land, will move in a new level of generosity, overwhelming and breaking every spirit of poverty of the past season, changing atmospheres and releasing Your goodness upon the land. 

We declare the United Kingdom will live according to Your principles and Your values and we speak alignment over every aspect of the coming budget in Jesus Name.

Suzanne Ferrett


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