Lord, we declare in this nation a movement of Your people united under the headship of Jesus, working together and displaying His Glory through love, action and word will be increasingly established.  John 13:35

We decree the desire to please You and the desire to see your Kingdom come in our nation will rise above every other opinion or agenda, and every plan of the enemy to bring confusion or division.

In this season of the impossible becoming possible, we come into agreement with Your word “you shall declare a thing and it shall be established” (Proverbs 22:28) We confess and repent of every negative word, and decree and declare the words of Your people in this nation will release hope and peace, build Kingdom purposes in our land, and speak mercy, truth, righteousness and Godly wisdom into all spheres of society.  Job22:28;

We continue to declare the Lordship of Jesus over the House of Commons: (full post January 27th)

We stand as Your Ekklesia in the United Kingdom and in the Name of Jesus, we declare the scope of the Bill to trigger Article 50, including every clause and sub-clause, will be legislated in accordance with Heaven, and we decree any aspect of the Bill or any attempted amendments that would harm Your plans for the UK will be turned around for good.  Genesis 50:20.

We acknowledge You are the Sovereign God, You rule over the nations, and You have a time for everything under Heaven. We decree and declare this Bill be published at Your appointed time, unhindered by the plans of man or of the enemy.


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