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‘when the Son of Man comes will He find (this kind of persistent) faith on the earth’  Luke 18:8

 Even as  King Alfred the Great wrote: ‘There is only one way to build my Kingdom and that is on the sure and certain foundation of faith in Jesus Christ crucified,’  we thank God for the heritage of faith that lies within the foundations of this nation.

In the Name of Jesus, we speak to this land, to the fabric, foundation, DNA and Godly mandate of the United Kingdom, and we say righteousness will exalt you and we call you to rise up, to return to Your God and lead the nations again, modelling and releasing not a vision tainted by man’s desire for power, but the wisdom, purpose and heart of the Kingdom of God.

We thank Him for the movements He has birthed across this land in past seasons, movements which have touched and transformed the culture of their day, building according to His word and His truth.

Now we decree and declare in this day, as God’s Spirit rests upon His people, they will ‘volunteer in the day of His power,’  trusting not in their own strength, or in the strength of others, but in the resurrection life of Jesus and the Power of His Word.

We declare new movements of God’s people are being birthed, movements filled with those who have encountered Jesus, been impacted by His radical love and are running with radical obedience to His Spirit.

We decree all those activated by the Spirit of God, to lead or to follow, will step beyond fear and doubt, and take hold of that which He has put within their grasp.

From the young to the old, we decree and declare God given shifts and changes have taken place, that His people are freshly aligned, equipped and empowered for the season ahead and His Presence is resting upon them in great measure.

We speak health instead of sickness, life instead of death and prosperity against all lack in matters concerning finance and the economy. We decree and declare this is the time for a convergence of the Government of the Kingdom of God with the Government of the United Kingdom, that even as there is a reforming and a re-setting taking place, we declare the fullness of His plans for this land, His purpose and His timings will be established.

Suzanne Ferrett.


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